Baked In Store

All in a days work

6:00am Preparation

It’s early morning, and your local Muffin Break NZ kitchen is ready for a new day of baking. Ovens on, uniforms on, and the process begins.

6:30am Formulation

Scrumptious muffins are no accident. Your local Muffin Break NZ baker carefully blends the secret ingredients to start a day of baking.

7:00am Decoration

With great care the toppings on the muffins like berries, choc chips and banana slices are lovingly applied.

7:30am Sensation

The first batch of tasty muffins is ready and then put on display for all to see.

8:00am Serve the Nation

Stores are opened ready for customers to try a morning muffin.

9:00am Dedication

Our bakers don’t stop at muffins. Next they start to prepare all the scones, cookies cakes, slices, quiches, wraps, gourmet savoury muffins and much more.

Everything’s made with our bakers’ very own hands to ensure all products have that great Muffin Break NZ consistency.

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