Muffins, muffins and more muffins. Our bakers love to be inventive when it comes to new recipes. And for that reason you’re sure to find a freshly baked muffin to suit your taste.

Our world famous muffins include healthy ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds plus favourites like chocolate, caramel, butterscotch and coffee.

If one isn’t enough then you can take home an easy carry four or six pack to share with family and friends.

Find your next favourite below:

** Muffin Break NZ Low Fat and Gluten Free Muffins contain at least 25% less kilojoules than the comparative High Fibre and Bran.*** Muffin Break NZ Gluten Free Muffins contain no detectable gluten. ***** Muffin Break Lower Carb muffins provide 70% less carbohydrate, 75% less sugar and 47-49% less kilojoules compared to a standard Muffin Break muffin (standard to a traditional Muffin Break Peach Nut muffin and Boysenberry muffin). One exchange is based on an amount of food providing 15g carbohydrate.

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