Muffin Break NZ Club FAQ

Q: If I have problem registering online who do I contact?
A: You will need to contact Muffin Break NZ on [email protected] and provide your card number with date of birth so we can follow this up for you.

Q: What if I don’t want to register online?
A: That is OK, however you will not receive the free coffee for registering online, a free birthday muffin every year or any exclusive special offers via email but you will still be eligible for the every 5th coffee free benefit.

Q: What if I don’t want to provide my birthday details for verification?
A: We only need your day and month of birth not the year! We only use this to know when to issue you with your free birthday muffin.

Q: Can I still redeem the free coffee that I have accumulated on my old stamp card?
A: Yes, our staff members will redeem your free coffee and then sign you up so you can start to accumulate your coffee on the new card.

Q: Do I have to redeem my free coffee at the time I receive it or can I accumulate them?
A: No, you can redeem it anytime you like, the free coffee will stay linked to your card (for 300 Days currently). Your free coffee will only be taken off when you choose to redeem it.

Q: What if I purchase two coffees in one transaction, will I receive points for both coffees?
A: Yes, you will receive two points for the two coffees purchased in the one transaction.

Q: Will I accumulate points with the purchase of any other hot beverages such as tea or hot chocolate?
A: Yes, the Muffin Break NZ card will allow you to accumulate points on ALL hot beverages purchased at any Muffin Break store in New Zealand.

Q: Will I accumulate points for the purchase of any cold beverages such as Iced Coffee or Chocolate or bottled drinks?
A: No, the Muffin Break NZ card is will only allow you to accumulate points on hot beverage purchases.

Q: If I purchase a medium size coffee will I receive my free coffee in the same size?
A: The free coffee valid is the small size coffee only. In saying this it will be up to each franchise owner’s discretion for honouring the size you normally purchase.

Q: What if I had registered online but have lost my password?
A: You can go back online and click ‘forgot my password’ and an email will be sent to you with further instructions.

Q: What happens if I lose my registered card?
A: You can log onto the website and select the ‘lost card’ option, enter your new card details and any points will be transferred across.

Q: What happens if I lose my card and it has not been registered?
A: Unfortunately you will have to sign up again and start fresh with a new card.

Q: Do I only need to swipe my card when I buy a coffee?
A: No you should have your card swiped for each transaction as we can make sure you don’t miss out on exclusive product offers.

Q: What if I forget to hand over my Muffin Break NZ Club card during the transaction?
A: Unfortunately once the transaction is complete the card cannot be swiped, therefore please present your Muffin Break NZ Club card at the start of the transaction so you won’t miss out on your points.

Q: When will I get my birthday muffin?
A: Birthday Muffins will be awarded at the beginning of the month of your birthday. If you did not register your card until later in the month you can visit a store and swipe your card and the birthday muffin will be awarded then.

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