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What type of coffee are you?


Everyone has their regular coffee order, but what about when you’re feeling a bit more adventurous? Here’s a handy rundown of the different varieties of coffee available. The next time you are at your local Muffin Break, you can have the confidence to order a new and interesting twist to your daily ritual!


Latte: A latte is the go-to of many seasoned coffee drinkers. It’s simply espresso, milk and a moderate head of froth.

Cappuccino: Another classic coffee style, cappuccinos have the same amount of espresso as a latte and are a little bit frothier. And of course, they have a delicious sprinkle of chocolate powder on the top!

Flat White: A flat white is perfect for those days when you still want a regular coffee, but don’t feel like any froth. It’s an ordinary coffee, but with minimal to no froth (about 5mm).

Long Black: A long black is essentially your ordinary black coffee. It’s hot water, filled almost to the top of the cup, with 60mls (2 shots) extracted over the top to create a thick and delicious crema.

Espresso: An espresso shot or a “short black” is just 30mls of coffee, nothing added. An espresso is great when you just want to enjoy the pure taste of your coffee, or when you want that extra pick-me-up but don’t feel like the milk of a regular coffee.

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Macchiatos: There are two varieties of Macchiatos, but they’re both essentially the same. A short macchiato is 30mls of espresso with a dash of textured milk, while a Long Macchiato is the same thing but with 60mls of espresso (two shots). Macchiatos are great when you want to soften the bitterness of a conventional espresso.

Piccolo Latte: A piccolo has 30mls of espresso (one shot) and is filled to the top of a miniature latte glass with milk. Essentially, it is a tiny latte. It makes a great alternative for a latte when you don’t want a great deal of milk or wish for a stronger espresso taste in your coffee.

Vienna (Black and White): Vienna’s are a delicious alternative for Long Blacks and Flat Whites.

A black Vienna is a long black, 3 quarters full, topped with a swirl of whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles.

Alternatively, a white Vienna is a flat white, three-quarters full, topped with a swirl of whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles.

Dirty Chai: A dirty chai is a great alternative if you want something sweet, but also want a hit of caffeine. It’s a conventional chai, which has a delicious vanilla/cinnamon flavour, with an added hit of coffee.

Will you be ordering a more “exotic” coffee next time you visit your local Muffin Break? You might just discover a new favourite.

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